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About Pipes

What is PP-R
PP-Risa thermoplastic polyolefin which is easy to process into pipes & fittings with superior chemical & physical properties.

Why we need PP-R
They are best carriers of portable water (both Hot or cold) in domestic as well as in industrial application (chemical & compressed air lines) in terms of Excellent quality & price.

When we need PP-R
When long term performance under adverse conditions without deviations in standards is required.

Where we need PP-R
Areas of plumbing / hot water / Water tight systems / corrosion resistance / No encrustation tendency / Noise dampening plastic material / long term pressure resistance application / Chemical resistance / no leakage – life time.

PP-R 3 Layer pipes
  • PP-R 2 Layer pipes
  • Anti Microbial PP-R layer
  • Black pp-r layer
  • UV stabilized PP-R layer
  • Strong UV stabilized black PP-R layer

Hot & Cold Water Supplying Pipes
  • Sanitary lines
  • Water purifying / Pharmaceutical plants for clean water
  • Lines for conveying liquid food products

Industrial systems like conveying compressed air pressure, aggresive fluids like acids, alkaline solution effluent and sewage disposals for industries like textile, sugar, paper, food & pharma, dairies and many chemical industries.

Pipes for Agriculture Use
  • Radiator heating pipes, Room heating system, under floor heating pipes.
  • Chilled water circuit for refrigeration units.
  • Portable water pipe networks for cold and warm water installations i.e. In residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office and school buildings, ship buildings etc.
  • Pipe network for rainwater utilization systems

It has many important features including
  • Resistance to Abrasion and corrosion
  • No corrosion by acid and alkaline fluids with pH values between 1 and 14
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Excellent ESCR – Longer life
  • High abrasion resistance = > high flow velocities possible

High internal pressure resistance : Minimum 50 years life time.

No Negative Influence on Water Quality
  • Compliance with the international standards like FDA on the use of plastic materials for the transportation of drinking water.
  • Since UV treated, it prevents UV passage – prevents growth of bacteria & algae.

Very Smooth Surface of Pipes and Fittings
  • No lime stone or other deposits (non polar nature), no bacterial & fungal growth.
  • Head loss / pressure drop reduced to a minimum / Negligible.

Welding Capacity
  • 100% homogeneous connections, guaranteeing leak-tight (minimum 50 years), long lasting
  • Fast and easy installation

Threaded Insert Fittings
  • All threaded inserts are brass (min. 60% cu) with Chromium plated.
  • Watertight assemblies with other metal elements in the installation.

Silence / Sound Absorption : Considerable noise reduction in comparison to metal.

Low Speicific Weight
  • Easy transport and handling.
  • Lowest density as compared to conventional metal pipes (1/8 times of metal pipe).

Reduced Condensation
Low heat conductivity reduces the condensation of water on the outer surface of cold water.

Fitness for Use in Seismic Areas
  • Flexibility and toughness of the PP-R pipes allow their use also in seismic prone areas.
  • No cause of damages to pipe.